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  • Published Dec. 2009
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"Photoshop-Just the Skinny Second Edition is an excellent resource for those just beginning in photo editing and those who want to learn to improve their skills. 4.5/5 stars" Guide to Photography

Clear and Concise

Photoshop–Just the Skinny (2nd Edition) is designed to be easy to start and quick to get through. You’ll get just what you need in a little over 200 pages. The book doesn’t cover everything and doesn’t show you 50 different ways to do the same thing. Instead, it focuses on what you need, and only that, to develop an initial mastery.

Formatted for Ease of Use

Each chapter is only four pages long and fully explains a single core concept or technique. So you don't have to set aside two hours to wade through long involved chapters to make any progress. You’ll find straightforward “just do this” advice along with lots of useful tips.

Master the Basics, Independent of Your Version

This 2nd edition is was written with CS4 but covers techniques applicable to any CS version, including CS5. Over 750 graphics, screen shots, and images are combined together in an uncluttered, easy-to-read format.



"This is the BEST tutorial I have tried, seriously. Everything is finally making sense. And I have tried MANY other tutorials. Nice job."

Jean S - Buffalo, NY

"This was great. It really does focus on getting you up and productive quickly without discussing every last option of every last menu."

Chuck M - St. Helena, CA

"The compact, easy-reading lessons worked nicely with my busy schedule and the pace was perfect to let the concepts sink in and feel natural."

Steve E - Wayland, MA

"Thanks. I got through this in a weekend. I like the approach. A bit like a power user telling you how to get going, skipping the unnecessary stuff."

Luc L - Auckland, NZ